26 May, 2014

My career catapult in Dublin

Greetings prospective study abroad goers and beyond. My name is Connor Sullivan and I have spent the past two semesters in Dublin as well as managed a top notch internship. At the behest of the fine staff at Champlain Dublin I will be talking a little bit about my work experience there, hopefully to encourage all you internship-seeking people (and I know you’re out there) to follow suit.
The place I was working at was a property asset management firm called Castlestar REIM, a short 10 minutes away from our Champlain Abroad Dublin academic center.  I had various duties including data gathering and property analysis. I also would physically travel to several properties for evaluation in cities including Dublin, Drogheda, and Belfast. Over the course of my time there I have gained massive amounts of European experience, which is ever-more pretty on a resume. This internship can only be described as a proverbial career catapult to any international or business students.

Connor Sullivan
Champlain Abroad Dublin. Fall'13 and Spring'14
Internship with Castlebar REIM
Champlain College, International Business'15
Photo credit: Maddie Wagner
Mind you, it did have its challenges. The student visa we get does not allow us to have income so this internship was unpaid. I also worked a full time schedule 4 days a week (one day off for classes) as well as class work. Certain sacrifices had to be made on weekends. However the Directors at Castlestar REIM are very flexible with scheduling and adjustments can be made. Furthermore an international internship counts as six credits, meaning I only took three classes.

This internship is open to any Champlain Abroad student to apply. On another note I was able to get so much out of my time in Dublin because I went for two semesters. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who can make this work with their schedule. If you are on the fence about studying abroad, going for the international experience is as good a reason as any. It was the smartest decision I have made at Champlain College.

Connor Sullivan 
Champlain Abroad Dublin, Fall'13 and Spring'14
Champlain College, International Business'15

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